The Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Agency (EMRDA)

It has been 22 years ever since Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association (EMRDA) was established and registered by Ministry of Justice as Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and actively participating in development activities and contributing to the general well being of its citizen. In the best regard of contributing to different developmental objectives and abiding by the national policy, EMRDA was re-registered as Ethiopian Residence Association with Registration No 0194 in October 2009.

Ethiopian Evangelical Church MekanYesus-Development and Social Service Commission (EECMY-DASSC)

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus/Development and Social Service Commission (EECMY/DASSC) is among the faith-based partners of DanChurchAid with a cooperation lasting more than 25 years.
EECMY is one of the two major evangelical churches in Ethiopia and with more than four million members EECMY plays an important role in the fight against poverty, HIV/AIDS and rights violations.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Child and Family Affairs Organization (EOC-CFAO)

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Child And Family Affairs Organization (EOTC-CFAO) is a local non profitable organization operating in Ethiopia with a mission to create an economic, social and physical environment conducive to balanced mental, emotional, spiritual and in general personality development of children through empowering families, increased interventions with the active participation of all stakeholders including the children and the community at large.

Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS)

Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS) is the executive organ of the Catholic Ethiopian Bishops Conference (CBEC) coordinating the pastoral Activities commission (PAC) and the social and development commission (ECC-SDCO) activities. A nonprofit making organization that works as a national coordination, facilitation and representation office to the entire social and development activities of the church. It works in collaboration with ten dioceses. SDCO further divided into departments for Food Security, Education, Health, Women & Family affairs.

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council-Ethiopian Muslims Development Association (EIASC-EMDA)

The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) is the central organising body of the Muslim community in Ethiopia and represents 34% of Ethiopia’s population of 77 million. Under the EIASC there are 11 Regional Islamic Affairs Higher Councils comprised of zonal and district (wereda) level councils elected by the Muslim community. 

Ethiopian Orthodox Church- Development Interchurch Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC)

Few African Christians are aware of a great and important place which Egypt occupies in the history of Christianity.For many, or even most of us, we hardly even think about the Church of Egypt during the celebration of Christmas, when the story is told of the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt; nor do we even pay much attention to the Prophet Isaiah, who foretold many centuries before Christ that "Out of Egypt have I called my Son.”