- - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

To see interfaith harmony and spiritual and material prosperity among the peoples of Ethiopia

If there are no word boundaries this could trim a field to nothing

Ethiopian Inter-Faith Forum for Development Dialogue and Action (EIFDDA) is an alliance of nine Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) in Ethiopia. The consortium was founded by the major religious groups situated in Ethiopia which includes Christians, Muslims and Baha’is and started its operations in 2002. Its aim is to provide mechanisms for the FBOs to be effectively engaged in the generation of Religion-inspired conception and practice of development that could ultimately bring about social, economic, cultural and spiritual prosperity of Ethiopians.

Among its member FBOs; the consortium associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Child and Family Affairs Organization-(EOC-CFAO), Ethiopian Muslim Relief and Development Association-(EMRDA) and the Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Organization- (EMWACDO); to bring about improved quality of public basic services (PBS); through more enhanced community participation in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Accordingly; EIFDDA received $269,574.85 grant from donor organizations to administer the Ethiopian Social Accountability program2 (ESAP2); that focus on enhancing the education, health, water and sanitation service sectors. The tool selected by EIFDDA to implement the aforementioned program is Community Score Card. The 3 intended Social Accountability Implementing Partners (SAIPs) work in the following five Woredas.