Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council-Ethiopian Muslims Development Association (EIASC-EMDA)

The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) is the central organising body of the Muslim community in Ethiopia and represents 34% of Ethiopia’s population of 77 million. Under the EIASC there are 11 Regional Islamic Affairs Higher Councils comprised of zonal and district (wereda) level councils elected by the Muslim community. 
The councils are connected to the community through the country’s 40,000 mosques. Each mosque serves around 150 families with an imam, a dae’es (religious preacher), ulema (religious scholars), a muezzin (prayer caller), a mufti (professor in religion) and an ustaz (madrassa school teacher).
All will be involved in EIASC’s longOterm plan on the environment, working through ot only the country’s mosques, Qur’anic schools, elementary and secondary schools and through teachers and imams but also through EIASC’s development wing, the Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency. This was set up in 2000 and has extensive experience in implementing communityObased projects using mosques.

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