Its aim is to provide mechanisms for the FBOs to be effectively engaged in the generation of Religion-inspired conception and practice of development that could ultimately bring about social, economic, cultural and spiritual prosperity of Ethiopians. Among its member FBOs; the consortium associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Child and Family Affairs Organization-(EOC-CFAO), Ethiopian Muslim Relief and Development Association-(EMRDA) and the Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Organization- (EMWACDO); to bring about improved quality of public basic services (PBS); through more enhanced community participation in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Accordingly; EIFDDA received $269,574.85 grant from donor organizations to administer the Ethiopian Social Accountability program2 (ESAP2); that focus on enhancing the education, health, water and sanitation service sectors. The tool selected by EIFDDA to implement the aforementioned program is Community Score Card. The 3 intended Social Accountability Implementing Partners (SAIPs) work in the following five Woredas.