Who we are

The Ethiopian Interfaith Forum for Development, Dialogue, and Action (EIFDDA) is one of the National Networks of faith-based organizations established in 2002 by 10 standing and 12 supportive faith-based organizations working in Ethiopia. In 2006, it was registered with the Ministry of Justice as a Network of Faith-Based organizations in Ethiopia. The Forum is reregistered as Resident Charity in February 2012, following the Charities and Societies Proclamation 621/2009. Since its establishment, EIFDDA facilitates, assists and supports the development efforts of its member FBOs.

Through the years the Forum has remained intact and in a good working condition, confirmed by its continued annual General Assembly of members from 2011-2014. Likewise, the Board of Directors undertook its regular meetings, enabling the existence of trust, confidence, respect, and also demonstrating peaceful coexistence, and mutual benefit among the various FBOs. EIFDDA and its member FBOS implemented projects on HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, nutrition, IGA as well as promoting social accountability. The availability of skilled staff capable to adopt the stringent monitoring and evaluation system of the Global Fund has resulted in significant improvement in the efficiency and professionalism in project fund management, supervision, and monitoring as well as capacity building of the organization.

EIFDDA and member FBOs are operating in a highly dynamic environment, with both opportunities and threats. On the country level, there is a fast population growth rate, growing inequalities, and persistent poverty, despite the Government’s efforts to alleviate it, a high unemployment rate that mainly affects youth and women and the increased demand for health services. On the other hand, EIFDDA is working with strong FBOs that have a good reputation and the potential to influence the perceptions and behavior of their respective communities in all development endeavors. Hence, EIFDDA and its member FBOs have untapped resources that can be considered an opportunity to stand against any major challenges in the next SP implementation.

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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: The mission of EIFDDA is to promote value-based developmental dialogue and action, build the capacity of member FBOs, and create a conducive environment to keep them work together.

Vision: EIFDDA envisages the spiritual and material prosperity of the Ethiopian people.

Values: EIFDDA identified the following core values that inform the attitude of the organization during the implementation of its mission. These include partnership, Integrity, Diversity, Mutual Respect, and dignity, Love and inclusiveness, Peace and non-violence, Trustworthiness