Celebrating International Adolescent Health Week (IAHW)

Commencing Sensitization workshop
Ethiopia Interfaith Forum for Development Dialogue and Action (EIFDDA) has observed International Adolescent Health Week (IAHW) through it’s Keeping Girls in School (KGIS) project platform
As part of Keeping Girls in School (KGIS) project initiatives, EIFDDA in partner with GCC Nigeria has organized a sensitization workshop to celebrate International Adolescent Health Weeks (IAHW) at Amobo Town in Oromia region. The major objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of the importance of KGIS among youth / women & wider local communities regarding KGIS, to mobilize selected youths / women to become a prime advocate and champions of KGIS project along with religious / tradition leaders & most importantly to help youth to be resilient in the face of the pandemic. During the workshop, the link between education and youth’s health/ wellbeing, Reproductive Health, substance abuse, personal hygiene etc was presented and discussed. More than 30 secondary school students and youths/women selected from various faith platforms at Ambo Town and surrounding Woredas were attended.